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carpeDM is the name of the "first" technomancy program ever. That is, it is the first interactive music performance application to be actively associated with the Technomancy movement. ( Other researchers and performers had certainly done pioneering and parallel work. ) Created by pir8-x and an unknown collaborator, the second generation prototype was first shown publicly in March 2000 in San Jose, CA, as part of Microsoft's DirectX Developers Day 2000.

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A technomancy performance is experienced once. And then it is gone. The party is known as a "moment".

San Jose
verb -- to "San Jose". When a technomancer's performance suddenly goes completely silent in mid-set due to a fatal system error in his software, the app is said to have "San Josed".

shotgun DJ
As one can imagine, a huge number of things can potentially go wrong at a technomancy moment. A laptop might not boot up, ( experimental/buggy ) software could "San Jose" in mid-performance, the technomancer's state of mind might not vibe with the party's mood, or he ( or she ) could just have a really off night... To help allay the potential for disaster, a "Shotgun DJ" ( with, like, turntables ) is typically on stage throghout the technomancy set, ready to step in at a moment's notice to keep the party jumpin'. Traditionally, the Shotgun DJ plays a set before and/or after the technomancer's performance. He or she might also jam during, depending on the show.

Part DJ, part producer, part composer, and part performer, a technomancer uses interactive music technology to arrange new music spontaneously in real-time. This practice is known as technomancy. Gigs are dance party type events known as "moments". Since each such performance is unique, it is often recorded for posterity. ( These recordings are known as a Technomancer's "tomes" ). Successful Technomancers must be highly skilled musicians and extremely talented performers. Technomancers are often talented programmers as well, codeing their own custom performance software.

Each technomancy performance ( moment ) is unique, so every effort is made to record the event for future reference. Such recordings are a known as the technomancer's "tomes". After the show, they become the subject of intense study as the technomancer seeks to improve his or her skills. Some of the spontaneous musical ideas from the tome may also be incorporated in the technomancer's future studio work.