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Adaptive Audio for Video Games
Consulting/Professional Services
audio programming, technology consulting, project coordination and direction

For health and family reasons, lead developer Andrew Thomas Clark has retired from the demands of full-time in-house game audio production. Nonetheless, he remains active as a game audio technology consultant. His background as both a content creator (composer, sound designer) and an audio programmer (Windows, Xbox360, PS3) makes his "whole process" perspective valuable and unique.

Andrew's primary passion and specialty is adaptive music for video games (system design, music composition, and logic programming). Contextual multichannel mixing logic is a close second.

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>> Defining Adaptive Music
   A definition exercise challenges our assumptions about a craft, and offers fresh perspective. It scopes and frames a problem in a way that helps us start looking for underlying causes and real long-term solutions, getting us out of the mindset of temporary hack fixes and implementation-specific details. A formal definition starts teaching us “how-to” think about a field.
   first published April 17, 2007 on

>> Adaptive Music
   This is a "how-to" guide to composing interactive music for video games. Except... it doesn't talk much about music. (At least, not directly.) Instead, it describes analogous challenges and approaches in... interactive _poetry_?!?
   first published May 15, 2001 on

>> Designing Interactive Audio Content To-Picture
   Ever wonder why video game audio doesn't sound as good as movie audio? Andrew explores the unique challenge of audio design for interactive environments... and proposes a new approach for the game audio design studio. (BTW, this one is very game industry oriented. You'll probably be bored stiff unless you're a video game industry professional.)
   first published december 20, 1999