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Fall 2007

Pir8-x's first public music release in over five years!

Recovering from the unbelivable intensity of a few years of video game development (audio programming credits include "Full Auto" – Xbox360, and "Full Auto 2" – PS3), the normally technology-obsessed producer gets back to his songwriting roots. Way back. Pir8-x's new single "postcard" is an extremely stripped-down, bare-bones affair. The track is barely produced, featuring a simple two-track guitar and vocal mix – which was performed in a single un-edited take.

Ironically, the actual release of the low-fi single was plagued with technical difficulties. Orginally scheduled to hit the streets in March 2007, the single has only just gone live to major music e-tailers in late July and August. Nonetheless, burgeoning e-distribution music technologies (and particularly TuneCore) have made it possible for the indie artist to launch the single (more-or-less) simultaneously on four continents:

Apple iTunes (U.S.,Australia/N.Z.,Canada,UK/European Union,Japan)

Napster.com, Napster.ca

Sony Connect






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